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Veronica Mainetti The Rebirth Current: March to June 2017
Veronica Mainetti The Rebirth Veronica Mainetti’s “The Rebirth” in both photo and video graphic mediums captures the artist herself in several stages of an out-of-body experience. The conceptual image chronicles moments of the sleep cycle in which Mainetti's inner journey is explored by the artist and viewer alike. Mainetti uses the self as a means to explore not only her own journey, but also the condition of our current global circumstances. As humanity finds itself at a pivotal moment, we need desperately to take a deeper look at our history in order to preserve our future in a way that is sustainable. Mainetti, a conceptual photographer, history buffer, sustainable developer and world traveler is at once a Renaissance and Millennial woman. Restoring the past in order to preserve the future is the core of not only Mainetti’s life, but also her life’s work as an artist, which extends far beyond the medium of video and photography. Exhibiting Mainetti’s work in New York’s architecturally historic Flatiron Building, where the Flatiron Prow Art Space has been instrumental in changing the way New Yorkers and travelers to the city view art, ignites a conversation with the past, present and future. The Flatiron Prow Art Space was envisioned in 2011 by Cheryl McGinnis as a way to make art accessible to all in an unexpected place. Millions of viewers a week happen upon the building and see work they would not otherwise see unless they visited a gallery or museum. A different experience than public art, The Flatiron Prow Art Space presents work within the triangular windows at the intersections of 23rd Street, Broadway and Fifth Avenue. It is as if the exterior walls of a museum were removed so that viewers can see directly inside from the street as they view the work. Art becomes a democratic vehicle to be experienced by all thus creating a broader conversation in which increasingly more people can take part.
 Veronica Mainetti The Rebirth
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